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Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy for iPhone and iPad
The award-winning astronomy app, with more features than dozens of other apps combined. From an augmented reality view of the night sky, to a virtual visit to the surface of Mars, Pocket Universe is the ultimate in astronomy apps. Moon phases, Orrery, ISS sightings, Jupiter’s moons, Quiz games, Leaderboard achievements, pop-up notifications of important events, monthly and nightly highlights.. It’s all here! Every night there is something new to see in the sky, and no matter what your level of astronomical knowledge, Pocket Universe will help you find it. Available in a full version, or a free version which can be updated with a single in-app purchase.
Free version
This app provides a simple at-a-glance view of tonight’s sky. Swipe the time-strip to animate the view: it's your personal time machine. What time is the Moon rising? No problem, just swipe the time until you see it appear. The latest version has compass support, and extra pop-up information as well as links to Wikipedia.  A free update that makes the most of iOS 8 and the new iPhones will be available soon.
What's Up for iPhone and iPad
What’s Up
Created in partnership with teachers and education professionals, Little Yellow Star is a new family of educational apps, aimed at Secondary School / High School students. These apps are designed to bring science to kids in a language and format that they understand; using unique, specially-commissioned movies created by students and animation professionals. Please visit the Little Yellow Star web site for more information and links to the App Store.
Rutherford and the Atom
Educational Apps for iPad from Little Yellow Star
A simple app which displays the time in Julian and Sidereal format, ideal for astronomers and/or nerds. A free download from the App Store. 
SkyTime for iPhone and iPad
Sky Time
It's not all science and stuff - I write games too! In fact, one game was so good Atari's lawyers themselves asked me to remove it from sale (although “asked" might be the wrong word). The other game, imaginatively named Shoot Em Up, is still on the App Store, complete with "programmer art" and home-made sound effects. It's free, by the way.  And then there is Asstrology - a celebration of my “love" of the grade-A BS that is a horoscope. And Grudge, for tracking those that have done you wrong. The two most recent games are a minimalist reaction testing game called Zeitgeist, and a climby-platformer-jumpy affair called Sheep Leap. If you are feeling a little more cultural, try Words In Air, a geo-locational poetry book for the modern age.
Words in Air
Games and other distractions.
Sheep Leap
InternationalSpace Station
These iPad apps are designed to be starting points for support materials for your Museum or Exhibition. Contact Craic Design, and together we’ll tailor the app to suit your exact needs. The first app tracks the position of the International Space Station, and predicts sightings from your current location. The second app animates the planets, and provides information on physical properties, etc. Ready for customizing for your own needs, the animations were created for use by the BBC Big Screens project app “Big Star”, which displays astronomical and space information in public spaces throughout the UK.
The Solar System
Exhibition Apps
Craic Design is a one-man app development shop, run by me: John Kennedy. Thanks for your support! As well as the apps you see here, I've developed software for other companies and individuals. If you would like to work with me on a project, drop me a line -, or @craicdesign on Twitter. I'm based in the US and I’m in the UK a lot, and I like interesting challenges.
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