Not covered in fruit compote?


Closer, but still not what we’re looking for.

I guess all we’re trying to say is that we like cheesecake, and we like writing games, and if you like either of those things (cake/ games) then that’s OK with us.


Sheep Leap, our first game, is available now from the Apple App Store.


And if you like cheesecake: Enjoy.

The secret to a good cheesecake is temperature. Get the temperature right, and everything else falls into place: asusming you have good quality ingredients of course.

We’re sticklers for true cheesecake - New York style - which doesn’t come draped in fruit or (heaven forbid!) chocolate chips or choocolate sauce.

A true cheesecake will be baked, with a firm, but not crunchy base, and a thick consistency that holds together well in the mouth before disolving in that fat-melting way which only unhealthy but delicious foods can do.

Here at Cheesecake Forever, we believe a good video game should be like a good cheesecake. Made with love.


No, wait, that’s stupid.


We think a good video game should be like a cheesecake, in that they’re both made of cheese.




Baked to perfection?